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I began practicing yoga in order to ease my chronic back pain, and though I was immediately seduced by the fluidity of the Vinyasa practice, my body continued to hurt. Everything shifted when I was introduced to Katonah Yoga, a branch of Hatha Yoga founded by Nevine Michaan that draws on Taoist philosophy. Integrating geometry with principles of alignment, Katonah Yoga emphasizes architectural integrity as a means of improving the body's function; by changing your physiology, you can alter your psychology, and live a more joyful life.

By weaving Katonah theory and dialogue with the fluency of Vinyasa, I aim to help students orient themselves within their bodies, to become more conscious of their patterning, and to make good use of this transformative work. My classes blend creative sequencing with structure ands stability. Good music, pranayama, and a sense of humor further facilitate a positive environment.

Photo by    Rosa Polin

Photo by Rosa Polin